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Where should Singaporeans buy property in 2015?

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Property is one of the safest investments anyone can make. Bricks and mortar. A roof over your head. Solid and tangible. In most markets, property is surging ahead for good reason - interest rates are low and new stock is plentiful.

Two notable cities that look like having a stellar year in 2015 are Manchester - England's second city - and Los Angeles in California. Here is my outlook of some markets around the world to help you start your search.

United Kingdom: Even with an election pending, property is on the up - gains are the biggest in the G7. London offers the best capital gains (over 22% in some areas in 2014) and Manchester, the UK's second city, is also recording double digit growth - with no end in sight. Outlook: POSITIVE
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Philippines: A mass of new projects are currently under construction, including a mega casino project, although problems with oversupply may arise, Manila is still a solid buy and prices are increasing. Excellent rental yields too. Outlook: POSITIVE

USA: Uncle Sam is back on his feet, property-wise, and the market has started to accelerate. California is the hottest place for property investors looking at the USA in 2015 - who wouldn't want a piece of Hollywood or a sliver of Silicon Valley? Outlook: POSITIVE
Thailand: While the junta has put back any hope of elections until 2016, the property market is still growing at a good clip. Fears of oversupply appear to be unfounded, and Bangkok and Phuket are still tops. Outlook: POSITIVE

Australia: Low interest rates - forecast to be cut again soon - will keep property buoyant in 2015. Cheaper square foot prices make the Gold Coast and Brisbane attractive. Sydney and Melbourne are set to grow at lower levels than 2014. Outlook: POSITIVE
Indonesia: A new president, a new surge in property prices. While rental yields may not be quite as good as they used to, capital gains are looking promising, with gains of over 10% predicted for Jakarta in 2015. Bali is set to continue its 10% per year increase. Outlook: POSITIVE
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