Friday, 2 January 2015

How to be a property agent?

It's the brand new year! 2015! Been watching chinese variety shows. 2015 seems to be a lucky year for Leos and Virgos! Yay! Though its an unlucky year for goat, cow, snake, one of which is my zodiac!

Last year, 2014 I decided to take a plunge and a career switch from being a Pastry Chef/ Teacher to being a property agent! Major switch as I have zero background in sales. People have been saying 2014 is a bad year to be in property. With cooling measures, the CEA coming out with strict policies, DNC(Do Not Call) and PDPA(Personal Data Protection Act), its getting harder for agents to do their marketing and close deals!  More agents are also exiting the industry. A total of 3,382 agents - about 11 per cent of the overall total - left the industry last year, compared to 2,996 the year before.

Yet, I decided to make switch after hearing a friend of mine who is a property agent making $200k a year! Sure, it was fun teaching baking. But a $2.5-$3k per month salary couldn't bring me to a lifestyle I wanted. 

To be a property agent you need to put aside $3k for exams and marketing. I paid about $1.3k for the RES course and examinations. I failed paper 2 4 times so i paid an extra $150 each time. It was demoralising but the wait of retaking my exams gave me a burst of eagerness to close on my 1st month. I started marketing, creating my website, email, linked in profile etc. Lo-and-behold, i closed 3 deals on my 1st month, making a couple months shy of my 1 year's salary from my previous job! 

There's no prefect timing in a career switch. Neither is there a prefect house. If you have a house with great location, prefect furnishing and fantastic facilities, it bound to be tagged with a hefty price. Therefore, it's important to make the best of the situation. Make it work. 

Hope 2015 will be a great year for everyone! With election this year, hopefully the government will bring us good news! 

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