Tuesday, 20 January 2015

80% of London units sold to overseas buyers

"In the latest twist in the whole “squeezed out” debate, media reports in the United Kingdom have claimed that 80 percent of the units in a series of new Thameside developments have been bought by foreign purchasers.
As is generally the case, the definition of “foreign” isn’t entirely clear, but according to statistics obtained from Knight Frank by the Guardian, buyers from the Far East accounted for a quarter of properties sold in the four as-yet unnamed schemes. Around 20 percent have seemingly gone to buyers from the Middle East.
The newspaper claimed that 40 percent of the units were sold to investors, and has picked up on Knight Frank’s marketing material for a new scheme at Vauxhall Cross, which is quoted as saying that London is “widely regarded as the ‘gold bullion’ of international property markets” and goes on to talk about returns that have been “better than…the FTSE 100 and gold”.
A spokesman for Knight Frank explained that this level of foreign investment only related to “a narrow percentage of the market, and in the total market across London it is a much smaller proportion”.

Last year, Savills went in-depth on the subject in its World in London report. The agency found that 68 percent of prime London private residential property were owned by domestic U.K. buyers – but that 37 percent of Londoners were born overseas."
Source from property guru

Insider news is that 50% of buyers who bought Royal Wharf, a new launch condo in London are Singaporean buyers. Why are Singaporeans so invested in UK property?

1.) London is like a mini Singapore
2.) UK is the country we are most familiar with in Europe because we were once ruled by the British, hence, our education system and governing system has some similarities with London.
3.) London property are similar to Singapore. Pricey and small yet the value still goes up. 
4.) Who wouldn't want to own a property in UK? 

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