Monday, 26 January 2015

Australia Property Good investment?

Reasons to buy Property in Australia
  • Low down payment of ONLY 10% now, balance on Completion (either by cash or loan application in 6 months before completion
  • Stamp Duty Savings - Get a substantial savings in Stamp duty of up to 80-90% if you buy NOW (Off Plan) as compared to FULL 100% Stamp Duty payment if you buy at Completion
  • Tax Benefits - There are also some noteworthy tax benefits to be aware of. There are more deductions available the newer the property is, especially when being brand-new so this maximises your tax deductions especially your Real Cap Gain Tax.
  • Favorable currency exchange rate due to current weakness in Aussie Dollar (e.g. Sing Dollar vs Aussie Dollar)
  • Low interest rate of 2.5% in Australia (source here)
  • Future Migration to Australia - If you are contemplating migration to Australia at some future date, then acquiring property prior to our arrival is indeed beneficial. As you acquire your future residence at “today’s” price rather than the increased value when you actually relocate, but it will provide you with a strong financial platform upon your arrival to build a more secure life in your new country. It may also provide you with distinct tax planning advantages to reduce the impact of Australian taxation when you become an Australian resident.
  • Very low vacancy rate (source here ) due to growing demand with Melbourne's rental demand remaining tight (source here)
  • Continual population growth (current approx. 23 million) due to Australia Foreign Immigration Policy attracting  foreign migration for its local economy benefits that has help creating shortage of housing demand.
  • Huttons - Sole Marketing Agent for Collins House Melbourne offer on-stop services to assist buyer in securing loan, linking up with local Estate Realtor for buyer with apartment seeking or ready to be rented out.
Why Collins House Melbourne !

  1. The most coveted address in Melbourne, Australia - Collins Street - the main shopping belt and Central  Business District Area.
  2. Low entry level with only 10% down payment to own a collection item, balance on completion date (Defered payment)
  3. Freehold Tenure situated at Collins Street, at the heart of MelbourneFinancial CBD
  4. Located in Australia's Premier Street rich in Historical Culture
  5. CBD living close proximity to Little Paris of Melbourne, Universities, Burke Street Melbourne, Crown Cassino, Yara River, Southern Cross Station etc.
  6. Choice of Interest only loan installment for Cashflow model
  7. Massive savings of up to 80% on Stamp Duty and Tax Incentives
  8. Potential Strong Returns vs Equity in 2 years 
  9. Can invest and Nominate anytime with no Seller Stamp Duty ( Singapore example)
  10. Invest Now and future options to live in the World Most Liveable City, Melbourne or as Education Funds for children and grandchildren

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