Friday, 28 August 2015

My trip to Cambodia (Part 2) - Aeon Mall

Aeon Mall is Phnom Penh first ever mega mall. I would compare it to Singapore's Vivocity. It's only about 15 minutes walk from Nagaworld.

All your familiar brands are here like Mango, Zara, G2000 and even Daiso!
As Aeon Mall opened last year August 2014, it was celebrating its FIRST birthday! There were so many little and big model cakes with a 1 candle to celebrate their first birthday!
At the 3rd level, there is a cinema and arcade. The currency they use there is USD and if you're thinking of catching a cheap movie there, you would be surprised at the cost per ticket. It is about USD$10 depending on the day and if its 4D, yes, 4D! The seats actually move! The toilets are also very high-tech as Aeon mall is a Japanese Mall so you would expect the toilets to be very clean and complicated to use.
 You'll find a lot of familiar restaurants there too like Fish & co, Kenny Rogers etc.
We came across a Japanese Ice-cream stall and we decided to buy 1 each. I chose the melon flavour which cost about USD$5.
There's even Gong Cha there! Prices are actually slightly more expensive than in Singapore.
Restaurant meals in general cost almost the same as in Singapore. Prices all in USD. The restaurant we had lunch at is call The Works. 

Massages there are cheap though. We tried massage at a place called 'Lucky Eight'. Cost only USD$12(for 2 hours) however, you have to pay tip. Unless you're having massage at Nagaworld. A 3 hour massage in Nagaworld cost about USD$100. Almost 3-4 times more but of course you pay what you get as you can see from the below picture, it's quite high-class.

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