Monday, 13 April 2015

5 Reasons why investors are flocking to Cambodia

If you have been reading the property news there have been a lot of news about foreign countries such as china, Malaysia and hongkong entering into the Cambodia market. Here's a video on 5 Reasons why investors are flocking to Cambodia

5 Reasons why investors are flocking to Cambodia

1. In 2015 Cambodia will be integrated as part of the ASEAN organization which aims to accelerate economic growth, cultural development and promote stability in the region

2. Due to it’s high interest rates in Cambodia, Phnom Penh has the highest rental yield in Asia at an average of 10.8%

3. Housing in Cambodia is mainly low-rise. In 2009, there were hardly any high rise condominiums. So foreign developers saw the opportunity and started developing condominiums. Investors who have bought then have already seen a capital gain of up to 30%.

4. Land prices at 4 capitals have increased such as Chamkarmon land, where The Bridge is located, prices have doubled

5. In January this year, there was a news article that 3850 news firms opened in Cambodia last year. Therefore increase of new companies = higher demand in offices.

The Bridge is the only project till dated selling SOHO units and 85% have already been sold. It comes with a high ceiling of 3.6m yet psf prices are same as the residential. If you like to know more information, click The Bridge.

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